In our Explosive Jump Clinic Featuring VertiMax™ , we will unveil all of our jump training secrets that will have your athlete:

  • Jumping higher than ever without the risk of injury
  • Landing with a lower risk of injury
  • Jumping with the proper mechanics
  • Improving efficiency to preserve their energy and keep them on the court longer

Take advantage of the Explosive Jump Clinic Featuring VertiMax™ for just $49 

Space is Limited to the First 10 Registrants!


Dominant jumping skills are the #1 most overlooked component to athletic success. Although it is commonly believed that jumping ability can’t be taught, that is 100% wrong! 

The problem with typical jump training is that most parents, coaches, and trainers go about it the wrong way. They have athletes perform countless series of jumps. This high-volume approach does little more than tire them out, in many cases reinforcing improper technique due to fatigue. A tired athlete is an athlete at risk for injury – especially in young women.

This is why athletes must turn to intelligent training to ensure their performance—and their protection.

The Explosive Jump Clinic Featuring VertiMax™ introduces a comprehensive approach to maximizing your vertical jump.

Each session session will include flexibility, plyometrics, age-appropriate weight training, and VertiMax™ training all designed to improve jumping ability while reducing the risk of injury.

Each of these components plays an important role in maximizing how high you can jump. If you fail to train a certain area, you will never reach your vertical jump potential. Improving your vertical jump is more than having strong calf muscles or jumping off of boxes.

The Explosive Jump Clinic Featuring VertiMax™ will provide campers with a number of intelligent training concepts to take home and continue throughout the year to ensure their performance – and their protection.


Designed as an educational and hands-on event. Here’s 3 bonuses participants will receive:

  • Jump Training Homework Manual
  • Jump Testing Results
  • Special Event Pricing on VertiMax™ Training Packages

For a limited time, take advantage of the Explosive Jump Clinic Featuring VertiMax™ for just $49!