In our Linear Speed Clinic, we unveil all of our speed training secrets that will help your athlete:

  • Accelerate faster than ever without the risk of injury
  • Reach top speed more easily
  • Run with proper mechanics
  • Improve efficiency to preserve energy and keep them on the field longer

Space is Limited to the First 10 Registrants to Ensure Individualized Instruction.

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In our recent poll of hundreds of coaches, the number one thing that they wanted to improve among their athletes was speed! We all know that the fastest athletes on the field or court have a huge advantage over their competition. I have yet to meet a coach who believes an athlete to be TOO fast.

Because some athletes aren’t naturally fast, parents and coaches can wrongly assume there is little they can do about it.

The notion of “You Can’t Teach Speed” is simply not true.

Speed is not something you either have or you don’t. If you put in the work and develop the right technique you WILL get faster.

Of course your genetic make-up is a major factor when it comes to your performance ceiling and ability to compete at an elite level. But even the most gifted athletes have to learn the correct technique and spend countless hours refining it.

It’s true that the fastest people on the planet all won the “genetic lottery.” That doesn’t mean that speed is unteachable.

You can’t change your DNA to become a world class sprinter. But you can change your technique and training to maximize your individual potential and get faster. And you’ll learn exactly how to do that in our Linear Speed Clinic Series.

Emphasizing proper posture, mechanics, and rhythm and a smart progression of training, our Linear Speed Clinic Series is intended to provide campers with a number of training concepts to take home and continue throughout the year.


Designed as an educational and hands-on event. Here’s 3 bonuses participants will receive:

  • Speed Training Homework Manual
  • Personalized Evaluation of Running Form with Recommendations
  • Special Event Pricing on Training Packages