VertiMax is the leading vertical jump and speed training system designed currently being used by 70% of the NFL, 60% of the NBA, and 80% of Division I colleges across the country.

From the professional level to youth athletes as young as 11 years old, VertiMax workouts can optimally develop power, speed and important forms of core and functional strength to help stabilize athletes and reduce injuries.

Regardless of the sport, VertiMax elevates an athlete’s ability to create a more competitive athlete at any level.

Here are 3 important reasons why you should integrate VertiMax into your training:

  • VertiMax is a new and different type of training system! An advanced form of plyometrics that is 6X more effective at developing explosive power than traditional plyometrics.
  • It will get you results you’re not getting now! VertiMax is a new and separate type of training called “Light Load, High Speed” training which can’t be performed with weights or traditional plyometrics.
  • You’re going to see those results were it counts – during competition! VertiMax is a functional trainer that allows you to simultaneously load and train multiple body parts with sports specific motions and at sports specific speeds to develop all muscle groups required to make those game winning moves.