The Importance of Assessments and Monitoring When Returning to Sport

July 16, 2020

I'm sure you feel it. The excitement and eagerness to finally be returning to sports after months of lockdown. You're excited to welcome your athletes back to the training field, and they're ready to get back into a disciplined training and conditioning program. This excitement may cause the desire to...

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5 Rules for In-Season Strength Training

June 25, 2017

Strength training is still a greatly underutilized aspect of preparation in many programs and even more neglected during the actual playing season (especially among spring sports baseball, softball, lacrosse, soccer). Strength is an attribute that can diminish very quickly. In as little as three weeks your players may have a...

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Improving Vertical Jump!

January 27, 2011

How Can You Improve Vertical Jump? Vertical jump is a measure of total body power.  For those in the performance industry it is the physical test that correlates most significantly with an athlete’s actual on court/field performance. Give me an athlete that has a good vertical jump, and most likely...

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How to Improve Strength Quick!

January 11, 2011

What is the Most Efficient way to improve strength for sport? Strength is defined as, “The maximal force that a muscle or muscle group can generate at a specified velocity.”  Or in more layman terms for all of us; “how much weight you can lift, at any speed.” I have...

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The Key Word in Athlete Performance Training

November 29, 2009

When you think of speed training what word comes to mind?  Speed? Agility? Quickness? Sure, all of those would be perfect, but the key word in athlete performance training is… Efficiency!  I have been training athletes since 1997 and from professional to youth, they all come to True Athlete Performance...

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