Are your athletes still struggling to increase speed and quickness?

One of the biggest myths in training is that you can’t train an athlete to increase their speed. As a result, many coaches and parents of youth athletes fail to help them develop their true speed, quickness and athleticism potential.

These same coaches and parents try to compensate for this with more skills training and extra time spent practicing and playing on multiple teams of that same sport… even year-round.

Are you making this mistake with your youth athletes?

The truth is… not only CAN you train speed, but an athlete will have a much better chance of developing more speed, agility and long-term athleticism by training for it when they are young and developing.

One of the most important periods of motor development for children is between the ages of 8 and 12. During this time, children are developmentally ready to acquire the fundamental movement skills that are the cornerstones of all athletic development. These fundamental skills include running, throwing, jumping, hopping, and bounding. The introduction of these  “ABCs” of athleticism (agility, balance, coordination, speed) during this period will lay the foundation of athletic excellence for years to come.

Training should focus on building athletes up from a foundational level with exercises, games and drills that appeal not only to their growth and development, but also to their curiosity and enthusiasm.

If your athletes are having fun, they will be more engaged.  If they are more engaged, they will experience more success.

Consider it a window of opportunity!

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Train Hard, Train Smart, Train True…