Athlete Spotlight: Nikhil Godse

Midfielder – LOUDOUN SOCCER 2006B ECNL

What motivated you to start utilizing TrueAP?

I was motivated to start utilizing TrueAP when I started to realize that I am the slowest runner on my team. I knew I had the skills necessary to play good soccer but I couldn’t back it up with my speed.

What did you find as a result?

I am no longer the slowest on my team and I am steadily creeping up to being one of the fastest on my team.

What specific aspect did you like most?

TrueAP trainers not only teach you the right technique but also push you and motivate you in order for you to get better and achieve your final goal.  One of my favorite aspects of the session is Resistance training wherein trainer uses a band to pull you, which helps you to get into the correct form, and make you muscles work harder.

What are three other benefits of using our program?

  • It gives you tremendous amount of confidence to run faster
  • You’ll use multiple types of equipment to stronger, faster, and more athletic.
  • Most importantly the trainers teach you the right form.

Would you recommend other athletes to utilize TrueAP? If so, why?

I would definitely recommend other athletes to join TrueAP because of the three benefits I listed above. If an athlete follows what the trainer says and practice as the trainer tells him/her to, there is nothing that can stop him/her from getting better at speed, acceleration and strength which is an integral part of being an athlete.