Athlete Spotlight: Tori Green 

Sr at Chantilly HS
M/D Southwestern Youth Association Club Soccer

What motivated you to start training at TrueAP?

My motivation to start TrueAP was to become stronger and bigger to compete with other players. I also wanted to stay fit during the off season so I would be ready to play in the fall when soccer started.

What results have you seen since?

My MAX’s for weightlifting have increased and my running form has improved. Both my quickness and balance have drastically improved, helping me on the soccer field.

What specific aspect of our program do you like most?

The aspect I like most about your program is the confidence that our trainers have in us and their ability to instill hard work into us.

Why would you recommend other athletes train with TrueAP?

I would recommend TrueAP for other athletes, because it has brought me to a higher training and also improved my confidence when it comes to weightlifting.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

My experience has been phenomenal, from my trainer pushing me to get that last rep of squats to learning proper arm movements and knee drive when running.

I play for SYA club soccer and I am also on the Chantilly High School Varsity girls soccer team.