TrueAP Detraining WDVMTV Interview

The injury risk of returning to sports after a long time away due to COVID-19 is higher than what most athletes and coaches may realize. With the unexpected and sudden stop of leagues and school activities in 2020, athletes have not had adequate opportunities to practice and train at their previous levels for almost an entire year. As schools and leagues are opening back up, many are concerned with the fast-track that sports and leagues are set to be on. With as little as two weeks time before competitions are set to begin again, many are concerned in the short timeframe that athletes will have to train and prepare.

Check out TrueAP’s Strength and Conditioning Coach, Josh Daniels, in his recent interview with WDVMTV where he discusses the risks of detraining and why It’s vital to ensure athletes gradually build their strength and endurance back up through targeted training programs.


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